Chiropractic FAQ

“How is this type of care different from standard Chiropractic?”

Marinelli Methods (MM) does not use forceful manipulations to make corrections to the body. All adjustments are made with a low force, high tech instrument. MM also utilizes an advanced technology to identify pathogens and toxins in the body combined with very pointed adjustments to the affected area. MM operates at such a level of confidence that it applies Heart Rate Variability testing to confirm patient improvements post treatment. Marinelli Methods unique evaluation and treatment modulates allow the Chiropractor to treat a wider variety of ailments. The traditional Chiropractic “Subluxation” model or bone-out-of-place theory is limited to just that, limited results.

“Why can’t my Primary Doctor see these toxins or bacteria on a blood test or through their exams?”

Some of these toxins or pathogens are referred to as “Occult” or hidden and they may not be seen by standard medical tests. The resulting infection may allow the person to function but at a less than optimal level. Toxins may also accumulate in areas such as joints, muscles, glands, and organs causing a negative impact on their “Normal” functions.