The initial evaluation consists of a comprehensive history and physical examination, a review of any lab work and heart rate variability.

Heart Rate Variability
Dr. Eopechino is one of very few Chiropractic Physicians in the country who use Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to assess the effectiveness of his treatments. There is now a simple, non-invasive fully automated, and computer based system that can evaluate the overall health of your autonomic nervous system based on technology known as Heart Rate Variability analysis (HRV).
This computer-based system measures the beat-to-beat variance (time difference) between your heartbeats. Very simply, the more variable your heart rate the better general health you are in. Patients with chronic illness will demonstrate less variability between heartbeats, while healthy individuals will show great variability between beats. HRV can also measure your overall fitness level as well as the general function of your organs. HRV has great scientific reliability and is invaluable in clinical research.
In a nutshell, heart rate variability can discover hidden health problems. If your nervous system is not functioning well then your body will not function well.