The Art of Reflexology

Zen Stones Reflexology is an art and a science. My artistic work is with the dedication and caring for each of you. The science is the intensive study, knowledge and devotion to all the techniques I’ve learned and work with. Can you imagine arriving at a serene, tranquil setting, reclining in a comfortable chair, lying back and relaxing to beautiful music? Can you imagine yourself just relaxing and feeling the tension, the stress and the pain just disappear? During each session, you are transported away from all the day’s tension, stress and problems. This is all done by the application of soothing pressure to your feet or hands. Reflexology is a healing art and practice of applying soothing pressure with thumb, finger and hand techniques to areas of your feet that correspond to the different parts of your body. Reflexology reduces tension and increases relaxation. Relexology revitalizes the body and increases energy. Reflexology returns the body to a state of balance and controls pain. The reflexes in your hands and feet mirror all your organs and glands.

Why is Reflexology different from other therapies?

Because reflexology treats the whole body and not necessarily just one area as in other therapies. Reflexology helps these problems by releasing the tension in your body and brings your body to total relaxation. Reflexology is a safe, easy and very beneficial method of treatment. Reflexology relieves symptoms, provides deep relaxation and helps the body help itself. Reflexology provides deep relaxation and helps the body regain balance. The gentle stimulation of the reflexes in your feet and hands helps restore energy, helps with circulation, and creates the right conditions for optimum health. Reflexology dates back to the ancient past in China, Egypt and India. Reflexology provides very effective holistic treatment. We never diagnose illnesses, nor do we practice medicine. My soothing pressure technique relaxes every part of your body: from your head to your toes. Reflexology is Immensely Relaxing and Pleasurable, and is also an effective treatment for many disorders.

Problems Reflexology helps with:

Asthma and Allergies Headaches and Migraines Cramps and Premenstrual Problems Menopause and Hot Flashes Indigestion, Digestion Back, Hip, Knee, Sciatica Kidneys, Bladder Reproduction Fatigue Arthritis Blood Circulation Edema (Water retention) Diabetes Fractures Hypertension/High Blood Pressure Reflexology relieves Tension and Stress and leaves you in a state of Total Relaxation.